Entopsis raises $800K seed round led by Krillion Ventures!

Last week was a big week for Entopsis with the raising of our seed round led by Krillion Ventures. A big Thank You to our intrepid investors for believing in our vision! We are now in a stronger position than ever to accelerate the development of specific assays based on the NuTec platform and our data analytics infrastructure. Contact us if you are a clinician or scientist and would like to explore a partnership with us to develop an assay!

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  1. Avelino (Bill) de Oliveira

    As a former “Old Coulter Electronics” employee it is exciting
    to see a new startup in medical diagnostics not far from where Wallace Coulter
    started. I had the privilege of working @ Coulter when Wallace was still running the company.
    I which you prosperity, success and that your company have a similar positive impact
     like the “Old Coulter Electronics”.

    Wish you the best.

    Avelino (Bill) de Oliveira
    Mechanical Design Engineer

    • ianosaur

      Avelino, we feel privileged to hear from someone who actually worked with Wallace Coulter and was part of the company’s early success! Thank you for your generous wishes and we will do our very best to make a positive impact!

      Obdulio and Ian

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