Financial Times focus on cancer diagnostics

Sarah Murray from The Financial Times wrote an article today on cancer diagnostics. Three technology platforms were discussed. The first was a breath-based technology developed by a students and researchers at MIT and Harvard Medical School. The second was Entopsis’s urine based Nutec profiling platform. And the third was a general discussion of liquid (blood) biopsies with comments by Professor Anirban Maitra from MD Anderson Cancer Center. Most current research is focused on liquid (i.e. blood) biopsies, especially in the context of detecting circulating nucleic acids or cells. Why has Entopsis chosen instead to work with urine? The strength of the Nutec platform lies in the detection of small molecules and proteins, and studies have shown that metabolic changes in major organs can drastically alter the molecular profile of urine. More importantly, anyone can collect and test their own urine with Nutec. Don’t like needles? Urine luck!


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