PCRopsis Reagent RVD Launched!

Is viral RNA extraction necessary for amplifying genes from coronaviruses, like SARS-CoV-2?


PCRopsis Reagent RVD allows you to perform direct RT-qPCR from nasopharyngeal / oropharyngeal samples transported in BD Universal Viral Transport media or Copan ESwab.

Simple Protocol:

  1. Mix sample 1:1 with Reagent RVD
  2. Heat to 95C for 10 minutes
  3. DONE… use ~5 uL into your RT-qPCR mix (can use 5 uL into a total 20 uL reaction)

Key Features:

  • Reagent RVD is an alternative to RNA extraction
  • Offers comparable RT-qPCR results to RNA extraction procedures for many applications in 10 MINUTES
  • Cost a fraction of traditional RNA extraction procedures, with fewer steps
  • Compatible with leading microbial transport medias
  • Compatible with most leading RT-qPCR kits and master mixes
  • Compatible with automated sample processing equipment… no need to be locked into vendor specific instruments
  • Reagent RVD is stored and shipped at room temperature

PCRopsis Reagent RVD versus the competition:

Comparable RT-qPCR Results to Traditional RNA Extraction

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