Entopsis Partners with Madison Core Labs: PCRopsis Reagent RVD

Our team’s passion is to innovate and create powerful, unheard-of solutions to the world’s problems. We pride ourselves on our creativity and desire to make a meaningful difference, both socially and scientifically.

However, we can only achieve our global goals with the right partners that share our mission. Today’s press release (see below) highlights one such partner, Madison Core Labs.

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Madison Core Laboratories Initiates New Innovation Effort to Better Serve Clients

August 13, 2020 09:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Madison Core Laboratories (“MCL”) announced today the launch of a company-wide initiative to become the most innovative diagnostic testing company in the region and provide unsurpassed testing services to better serve clients.

Madison Core Laboratories innovates and expands COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) testing with Entopsis Coronavirus technology. @MadisonCoreLabs @Entopsis @PCRopsisTweet this

The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has called attention to numerous inefficiencies and problems plaguing the diagnostic industry. There are solutions on the market that can address many of these problems. Many testing laboratories do not incorporate innovative solutions due to a lack of time, will or ability to adequately utilize these new tools. MCL is tackling testing for one of the hardest hit industries and patients in the nation: The Elderly population and Long-Term Care (LTC) facilities. We are the preferred and, in some cases, the only mobile phlebotomy and laboratory provider for a large segment of the LTC market in the South East.

Madison Core Laboratories will take a proactive approach to innovation and stand apart from alternative testing laboratories. Our goal will be to identify inefficiencies and validate appropriate solutions in-house with our highly qualified team. We will continue to emphasize innovation as a core company principle.

A prime example of our commitment to innovation is the utilization of alternatives to nucleic acid extraction. Such extractions, particularly viral RNA extraction for COVID-19 testing, are currently a multi-step, time-consuming and expensive process. Madison Core Laboratories has identified and validated Entopsis’ PCRopsisTM Reagent RVD as an innovative solution to this problem. Other impactful technologies offered by Entopsis and similar companies are currently being evaluated.

“I’m looking to transform MCL to an innovative industry leader. We are committed to offering clients unparalleled, accurate testing options in a timely fashion. To do so, we will utilize all tools at our disposal,” said Carlo Crespo, M.D., CEO of Madison Core Laboratories.

“The Entopsis team’s mission is to develop impactful solutions to problems often considered intractable and then align ourselves with visionary industry leaders. MCL is such a partner,” said Obdulio Piloto, Ph.D., CEO of Entopsis. “We have a suite of technologies that will offer laboratories meaningful alternatives to outdated processes in the diagnostic industry,” said Francis Lim, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at Entopsis.

Madison Core Laboratories expects to complete the initial phase of its innovation project in the next six months.

About Madison Core Laboratories:

Madison Core Laboratories is one of the leading independent laboratories in Alabama. We provide extensive laboratory services using state-of-the art testing equipment to provide our clients with the latest innovations in the laboratory spectrum. Our clients include physician offices, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, homebound patients, and industrial/corporate testing needs. MCL is the only independent reference laboratory in the State of Alabama that offers mobile phlebotomy, molecular diagnostics, routine blood, urine, and toxicology testing all under one organization.

Learn more at www.MadisonCoreLabs.com. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Entopsis:

Entopsis was founded to pursue the simple idea that an unbiased approach to diagnostics offers unique clinical and scientific insights. The company has two main platforms: (1) OpsisDxTM: nanotech platform powered by artificial intelligence to simultaneously diagnose multiple diseases through urine and (2) PCRopsisTM: series of novel research tools that optimize research procedures. The company is developing a suite of innovative solutions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic that facilitate all aspects of testing on a global scale. Entopsis is backed by Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs.

Learn more at Entopsis.comwww.PCRopsis.com. Follow us on Twitter @Entopsis and LinkedIn.


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