The Entopsis Family Grows with the Launch of the Global Health Institute

Have you ever read about cool, new medical products / tests, only to later realize it won’t be available for years into the future (if ever)?

Entopsis is effectively a R&D company that creates novel, impactful technologies for the bio-medical space. They are best known for OpsisDx (single platform to diagnose diseases early through urine) and PCRopsis (clinical tools that make diagnostic tests more efficient). This team of hard-core scientists and engineers usually rather license technologies, than sell directly to consumers.

This is where the Global Health Institute (GHI) comes in. GHI’s mission is to de-risk new clinical technologies by creating laboratory developed tests (LDTs) that are then accessible to the public through CLIA-certified laboratories. Otherwise, research with the potential to save lives remains in the laboratory and inaccessible.

GHI and Genetics Institute of America (another commercialization partner) are both working towards developing high-value clinical tests using Entopsis’ OpsisDx with the goal of alleviating suffering and improving quality of life, while lowering healthcare costs.

Stay tuned for more details. Questions?

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