PCRopsis™ Reagent RVD mediates direct PCR for less than the competition

PCRopsis™ Reagent RVD was recently shown to mediate direct PCR amplification from viral and bacterial targets using low volumes of reagent and sample, thus drastically lowering costs and increasing testing accessibility.

Reagent RVD is a flexible direct PCR product for various research and clinical applications. The PCR testing industry is particularly price-conscious, with thin profit margins. As such, laboratories seek affordable and accurate solutions to offer clients the best services.

Recent miniaturization studies confirm Reagent RVD facilitates extraction-free RT-PCR and qPCR for less than $5 per reaction. Typically, RNA and DNA extraction kits cost $5.00 ~ $10.00 per extraction, when factoring in consumables, time, and specialized equipment. Moreover, Reagent RVD even offers advantages over alternative direct PCR products currently on the market.

Reagent RVD advantages over alternative direct PCR products:

  • Processes viral, bacterial and mammalian specimens
  • Cost less per reaction
  • Consist of only one reagent that is ready to be used (no pre-mixing necessary)
  • Shipped and stored at room temperature (no need for costly refrigerated shipping)
  • Long shelf-life
  • Does not require ultra low volumes (e.g., <1 μl) that are error prone

“It’s interesting how RNA and DNA extraction was mostly taken as a necessary first step in PCR applications for decades. It took the COVID-19 pandemic to get people questioning the validity of that presumption on a large scale. We see the development of affordable and robust direct PCR products as a means of making the PCR diagnostic industry more efficient and equitable”, said Obdulio Piloto, Ph.D., C.E.O. of Entopsis.

“Reagent RVD doesn’t just solve a key problem in the PCR industry, but also offers huge cost savings to partnering labs”, said Pratik Sharma, VP of business development at Entopsis.

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