PCRopsis™ RVD Enhancer makes PCRopsis™ Reagent RVD compatible with most specimen transport mediums

PCRopsis™ Reagent RVD + PCRopsis™ RVD Enhancer offers a direct PCR solution for specimens in most non-inactivating transport mediums.

PCRopsis™ Reagent RVD alone has been repeatedly shown to facilitate extraction-free amplification of viral, bacterial, and mammalian specimens in universal viral transport (UVT) mediums, like BD™ Universal Viral Transport system. This is one of the most common specimen transport mediums in the U.S., although many other transport mediums are used in the U.S. and abroad.

Entopsis developed PCRopsis™ RVD Enhancer to expand the compatibility of PCRopsis™ Reagent RVD to process specimens in diverse transport mediums. PCRopsis™ Reagent RVD, when used in combination with PCRopsis™ RVD Enhancer, can process specimens in just about any non-inactivating transport medium. Compatible transport mediums now include viral transport mediums recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization, and even a simple phosphate buffered saline (PBS) solution.

“Reagent RVD + RVD Enhancer offers a competitive price and workflow advantage to any laboratory performing PCR-based testing”, said Pratik Sharma, VP of business development at Entopsis.

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