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Entopsis was founded in 2011 to pursue the simple idea that an unbiased approach to diagnostics using signatures can be clinically and scientifically useful. We are predominantly focused in the ares of oncology, autoimmune disorders, and rare diseases. Entopsis is proud to have established strategic academic and industry collaborations with renowned companies and institutions.


2001 – Founders (Obdulio and Ian) and CFO (George) met as classmates at Johns Hopkins.

2011 – Entopsis founded.

2012 – Entopsis funded by Peter Thiel’s Breakout labs.

2013 – First prototype created. Patent application filed. Machine learning algorithm developed.

2014 – NuTec slide prototype for sale as research tool. Machine learning algorithm developed.

2015 – OpsisDx (NuTec slide + algorithm + reagents + equipment) first generation is developed. Testing for various disease indications shows promise.

2016 – Entopsis wins Most Disruptive Technology Award by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. OpsisDx second generation developed. NuTec slide manufacturing is scaled up with robotics.

2017 – Entopsis is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified to manufacture and sell medical devices. Further, Entopsis’ prostate cancer risk assessment platform called OpsisDx is made available to CBS Laboratories in the US in Q4 2017.

2018 – OpsisDx 3rd and 4th generation is developed and tested. NuTec slide manufacturing is further refined.

2019 – International clinical validation study involving 5 cancers and Hepatitis B viral infection shows that OpsisDx outperforms GRAIL’s liquid biopsy tests for the detection of early stage cancers. This effort also offers external validation of OpsisDx’s performance by an external laboratory. OpsisDx was shown to distinguish between 39 unique analytes with almost 100% accuracy.

2020 – Entopsis submits first scientific manuscript for peer-review. Entopsis licenses 4 tests for worldwide markets: prostate, breast ovarian and lung cancer. Research tools aimed at streamlining COVID-19 RT-PCR testing are being developed using in-house technologies. A grant application to the National Science Foundation will be submitted for the use of OpsisDx for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 and other viral pathogens. A separate grant application will be submitted to the National Institutes of Health for he use of OpsisDx for the detection of mental illness from urine.

Meet the Core Team

Obdulio Piloto, PhD Profile Image

Obdulio Piloto, PhD

CEO, Co-Founder

Ian Cheong, PhD Profile Image

Ian Cheong, PhD


George Huang, PhD CFA Profile Image

George Huang, PhD CFA


Tingjun Lei, PhD Profile Image

Tingjun Lei, PhD

Senior Scientist

Meet Our Advisors & IRB

Peter Chang, MD Profile Image

Peter Chang, MD

Clinical Advisor, IRB Chairman

Monica Goldberg, MD PhD Profile Image

Monica Goldberg, MD PhD

Clinical Advisor

Davinder Grover, MD MPH Profile Image

Davinder Grover, MD MPH

Clinical Advisor

Mari Heghinian, PhD Profile Image

Mari Heghinian, PhD

IRB Member

Erika Arias, MA Profile Image

Erika Arias, MA

IRB Member

Juan Ayala Haedo, MD PHD Profile Image

Juan Ayala Haedo, MD PHD

IRB Member

Core Team Profiles

Obdulio Piloto

Obdulio Piloto received his undergraduate education at Cornell University, majoring in Microbiology. After graduating at the top of his class in 2000, Obdulio went on to further his training at the Johns Hopkins University where he did his graduate thesis research on cancer immunotherapy in the lab of Donald Small MD PhD. Obdulio graduated with his PhD in 2006, then hopped over to the west coast where he pursued post-doctoral research at Stanford University. He further nurtured his interest in clinically relevant research, focusing on small molecule and peptide inhibitors for leukemia. Obdulio’s next stop was Exelixis where as a Research Scientist he managed a team focused on small molecule inhibitors for various diseases. In 2010, Conversant Biologics hired Obdulio as its Chief Scientific Officer. Obdulio transformed Conversant from being a provider of biospecimens into an innovative partner to biotech and pharma companies offering value-added human primary samples and services. Obdulio was part of the executive team responsible for Conversant being ranked #2 by The Scientist in 2011 for ‘Best Places to Work’. In 2011, Obdulio left Conversant to co-found Entopsis.

Ian Cheong

Ian Cheong started as a lawyer in 1999. In the course of his work in a law firm, Ian had the opportunity to interact with scientifically-trained clients. After deciding that science was too much fun to be left to the scientists, he left his job at the law firm to train as a scientist. Ian enrolled as a science undergraduate, but a year and a half into his studies, he was offered a scholarship to attend graduate school at the John Hopkins University. Focusing on cancer therapeutics, he completed his thesis (2007) and post-doctoral research (2010) under Bert Vogelstein MD. During this time, Ian also received an award at the Collegiate Inventors Competition. Ian is currently involved in Entopsis in an advisory position and handles computational aspects of Entopsis’s technology. Ian is also a Principal Investigator at the Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory in Singapore where he conducts research pertaining to drug delivery.

George Huang

George Huang is a precocious and multi-faceted individual with successful track records in finance, healthcare, research and real estate. George started out in graduate school doing his thesis research in the lab of Chemistry Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Agre MD at the Johns Hopkins University. After graduating with his PhD in 2006, George became an Editor with Stansberry Research and wrote an investment research newsletter which had a loyal following among biotech-savvy Wall Street institutional clients. Not surprisingly, he was headhunted to be a Senior Analyst at Sabretooth Capital, a billion-dollar ‘Tiger Cub’-pedigree hedge fund in New York City. His other success in New York was as Senior Vice President of Business Development with Retrophin Inc. (RTRX – listed on NASD), a biotechnology company, where he evaluated acquisitions and helped bring the company public. In 2014, George left New York to co-found Bridge Tower, a real estate investment fund. In the same year, George joined the Entopsis core team as its CFO.

Tingjun Lei

While a Research Assistant at Guangxi Medical University in 2006, Tingjun’s work in diagnostics and therapeutics motivated him to further his interest in graduate school. Tingjun enrolled at Florida International University in 2007 where he focused his PhD research on polymeric nanoparticle drug delivery technology. After graduation in 2013, Tingjun joined Cirle, a startup company in Miami, where he conducted research related to biosensor development for detecting and identifying bacterial and fungal agents. In 2014, Tingjun joined Entopsis to play an important role in the core team as its Senior Scientist.

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