Request For Proposals

Date of Expiry: June 30, 2015

Looking for

  • Highly motivated individuals interested in developing and commercializing tests using novel platform technology
  • Open to all students and faculty… but a science background is helpful
  • Laboratory space, access to technology and equipment, training and career mentoring included
  • Willing to submit joint grants… including SBIR / STTR
  • Selected individuals will keep 50% of revenues from tests they develop and commercialize


  • Founded by two Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine trained Ph.D.s
  • Research funding by Breakout Labs, part of the Thiel Foundation’s initiative supporting revolutionary research. Entopsis is the Only start-up company in Florida selected for this highly competitive accelerator program

Media coverage about our Molecular Profiling Platform

How does it work?

Capture molecules from liquid sample using NuTec

NuTec consist of 10~100 synthetic surfaces, each with distinct nano/micro-scale pockets that capture molecules in an unbiased fashion. NuTec can capture small molecules, proteins and cells and is hypothesized to also capture viruses and exosomes. The same NuTec is used for all applications!

Detect bound molecules on NuTec

Molecules are detected using a label-free, proprietary approach. This creates a molecular profile of your sample… basically a series of colors and patterns that’s specific to your sample

Analyze molecular profiles in our cloud-based system

The molecular profile of your sample is analyzed using novel, machine-learning algorithms. The analysis tells you if your sample is positive or negative for the condition you are testing along with a confidence indicator… e.g. are there signs of breast cancer? Yes or no

What applications are possible?

Too many to list… just about any application where you want to distinguish between two or more groups of samples. Examples include:

  • Identifying patients with a given disease (cancers, inflammatory disorders, rare malignancies, STDs, Ebola, etc.)
  • Testing foods for toxins / pathogens
  • Developing synthetic, anti-microbial surfaces for implants… identify surfaces on NuTec that don’t bind to a given pathogen
  • Identifying synthetic surfaces that alter cellular function or differentiation

What samples can NuTec test?

  • Just about any liquid sample… water, foods, culture media, bio-fluids, etc.
  • Urine, saliva or breath are much easier to test than blood

How do I develop a test?

You simply need to collect samples that are positive and negative for the condition you want to test. For example… to develop a bladder cancer test, you need to:

  • Identifying patients with a given disease (cancers, inflammatory disorders, rare malignancies, STDs, Ebola, etc.)
  • Collect urine from patients with and without bladder cancer
  • Create Molecular profiles for each patient using NuTecs
  • Upload scans or pictures of the profiles to our cloud system (this is how the machine learning takes place)
  • The test is developed and validated if the system distinguishes bladder cancer patients from the non-bladder cancer patients… if not, then more samples may be needed or other adjustments required


Send a 1-2 page proposal to with the following information

  1. Your name, short bio and affiliation
  2. Your proposed application/test
  3. The market size and commercial potential for your application (provide references)
  4. A list of commercially available tests similar to what you propose and their sales prices
  5. How you will sell your tests
  6. To whom you will sell your tests
  7. The sample type you will be using (e.g. milk, urine, cell-lines, etc.)
  8. Where you will obtain your samples from

Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Each person may submit more than one proposal. Individuals with feasible and well-conceived proposals will be notified within 2~3 weeks from submission. This Request for Proposals expires on June 30, 2015.

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